We can’t reach our fullest potential alone.

Athletes and performers know they need someone else - a trained professional to help set goals, discover real needs and to work effectively toward their ultimate reward of personal excellence.

“I’m so glad I attended Helen’s workshop, ‘Move From Procrastination to Action.’ The result? I’ve changed my mindset so I can tackle big tasks with ease and have also changed my outlook on how I will grow my business. Powerful stuff indeed!

Dean P - Business Owner

Affirming Business & Executive Coaching

Create positive, lasting change in your business and life

The Affirming Coaching™ For Business Program will show you how to regain your purpose, reinvigorate your passion - and apply it to even greater effect.

Described by many clients as ‘life changing’, my program uniquely employs both personal growth techniques to enhance your wellbeing and business development tools to improve your decision-making, increase your effectiveness, and drive your profit.

With my coaching and support, you’ll renew yourself - physically, mentally and emotionally - and rediscover what really matters to you.

You’ll learn how to set relevant goals; establish realistic boundaries; and use your time more efficiently to achieve what you want from your business, and your private life.

Bring clarity to your goals and success will follow

When you’re clear about what you want - when it’s something you believe in and feel strongly about - you focus more on its achievement, and are more likely to succeed as a result.

That’s why Affirming Coaching™ works.

By taking stock of what’s important, being assertive in how you manage your time, and making choices that reflect your values, you’ll develop greater confidence, and a greater sense of physical and emotional wellbeing - outcomes that are key to you leading a rewarding and balanced life.

A modest time commitment, for a short period, is all that you require.

My Affirming Coaching™ For Business Program begins with a complimentary 60-minute consultation - an informal, no obligation way for you to discuss your needs, and decide whether coaching will work for you.

Should you wish to proceed, we’ll embark on a 12-week program of weekly meetings at an agreed location.

Your role will be to set the topics and weekly agenda. I’ll provide you with support, feedback and structured business planning; be your sounding board; and help you design solutions tailored specifically to your business or personal goals.

I’ll also set you one or more specific tasks to complete by the following week. Why?

Because fostering accountability to me in the short term, develops long-term accountability to yourself and your business.

Call Helen now on 0407 306 301 to book your complimentary 60-min consultation

Coaches are the norm now in all manner of professions and pursuits. Their outside perspective provides clarity, while their expertise and experience enables them to recognise and realise potential.

It’s no different in business.

If you're not satsified with your achievements … if you’re not content with your life … if you have an idea that keeps popping back into your head … if there’s something you would rather be doing … Affirming Coaching™ can help – starting with a complimentary, 60 minute consultation.

To arrange yours, call me now on 0407 306 301. We’ll meet at a place convenient to you, review where your business is currently, then identify your top three goals and discuss your best options for achieving them.

Helen Ebden

Helen Ebdon

Business and Executive Coach

About Helen

With a background as director of two successful businesses over a period of 17 years, Helen Ebdon understands first hand the challenges business owners face in achieving their goals - especially when times are tough.

Now, as a trusted Small Business Consultant, Helen assists business owners to develop clear, targeted strategies to maximise their potential, grow their business and navigate through their day to day challenges.

She believes that with the right support, encouragement and motivation anyone can get from “where they are now” to “where they want to be”.

Helen is a Certified Practicing Business and Executive Coach; she holds a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and is the creator and facilitator of the very successful workshop, “From Procrastination to Action”

Call Helen now on: 0407 306 301 to book your complimentary 60-min consultation.


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